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Post-Candy Mandy Moore Playlist

Before she was starring in the NBC television show “This Is Us” or voicing Rapunzel in Disney’s animated hit Tangled, Mandy Moore was best known for TRL-propelled teen pop tracks like “Candy” and “Crush.” Following a trio of bubblegum releases in the early 2000s, Moore changed course. She covered Cat Stevens, XTC, and Elton John on the excellent Coverage, then collaborated with The Weepies, Lori McKenna, Rachael Yamagata, and Chantal Kreviazuk on Wild Hope, her first outing as a singer/songwriter. Her most recent full-length release, 2009’s Amanda Leigh, pushed her further into a folk pop direction via inspiration from Todd Rundgren, Joni Mitchell, and Paul McCartney. Get acquainted with the best of her overlooked and underappreciated discography. Listen with Spotify or YouTube below.

Christina Aguilera Beginner’s Guide Playlist

Forming an opinion about an artist’s music based purely on their singles is often a shortsighted endeavor. Trusting that approach rarely provides a sufficient example of their overall output, and sometimes only offers a very narrow view of the artist’s abilities and tendencies. It’s helpful to remember this when regarding the career of Christina Aguilera. Sure, there is no shortage of pipes-verifying performances to Aguilera’s name, but her best work has consistently been passed over by her label in favor of songs that corroborate her original pop presentation. If hearing Aguilera’s name is more likely to remind you of “Your Body” or “Genie in a Bottle” than “Walk Away” or “Mercy on Me,” gather ’round. It’s time you get an education. Listen with Spotify or YouTube below.

Interview with Eisley’s Sherri DuPree

Raised on a musical diet of artists such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd and the Beatles, the five members of Tyler, Texas’ Eisley are now turning heads themselves with their stunning full-length Reprise Records debut, Room Noises. Having just wrapped a 60-date opening slot on the New Found Glory “Back to Basics” Tour, and with two weeks to prepare for their first headlining tour, vocalist and guitarist Sherri DuPree somehow managed to squeeze in some time to answer our questions.

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